R J Landis RJ Landis:
FLASH intro with music; professional voice-over testimonials.
Awardtec.com Award Technologies:
News dynamic feed;
PayPal feature.
NNEMAP Pantry Near Northside Emergency Material
Assistance Program:

User-edit via Google Sites; PayPal feature.
R J Landis RJ Landis NEW:
Under Construction.
Lawyers Without Rights Lawyers Without Rights:
JQuery carousel; exhibit page features single page scrolling; responsive design.
The Woodmansee Group Woodmansee Group Executive Search:
JQuery carousel; responsive design.
WFLS 93.3 WFLS Country Music Radio website offers viewers the ability to buy from current playlist via Amazon BuyNow, AP Entertainment News scroll, and DJ interaction via Google Blogger. WFLS News WFLS News offers breaking news by displaying a number of dynamic feed elements: AP News scroll, Weather.com real-time radar, Trafficland real-time cams, Beaches real-time cams, Gas real-time prices and trends, and Police Blotters. Classic Rock 96.9 ClassicRock969.com offers a dynamic feed widget from RockNews, a PollDaddy widget, and DJ interactive Google Blogger.
The radio station icons above (WFLS, WFLS News, and ClassicRock969) have been redesigned since the radio stations' ownership change.
During my tenure as "Webmaster" of these radio station websites I successfully built periodic online features; examples below:
Baby Idol Online Contest, Halloween, Fall Foliage Getaways, and the Take My Taylor Online Contest.
WFLS Baby Idol Contest
WFLS Halloween
WFLS Fall Foliage
WFLS Take Me To Taylor Contest